Boot Hill

Every western needs its ghost stories - this is ours. Boot Hill is not just a memorial but also a time. It is a time when the dead come back, looking for loved ones to say final good byes. For one hour they have this respite, and then.. they go back. 

If there is an NPC you want to interact with, if you want to move your own personal narrative in a direction, we want to provide you the space for that. Tell us a little about who your character is looking for at Boot Hill and we will do what we can to see that they are there waiting for you. 

If you have a PC who has permed and you want to provide some closure they might not have gotten otherwise, then we want to know about that too.

Boot Hill occurs on Saturday night of every April event. We have not set a hard time yet for Boot Hill yet. We're anticipating this will be run around Saturday evening at 3:00 am (technically that's Sunday).