Evacuation and Stampede

A Change in Casting Time

We’re going to push back the time for the final casting time (NPC block) from 8pm - 12am to 9pm-1am. We’re doing this to provide some more game time for those planning to evacuate which will be the majority of players.

Scheduling this is a little tricky. We want to push this as late into the event as possible because we want to maximize everyone’s game time. We also cannot make it VERY late because players start turning into pumpkins around 12 or 1. The players who are at casting (NPC) are especially tired by this point in the weekend, so we need to consider that as well. We could do this in the morning, but big night-time zombie fight is kind of the thing we’re all here for. So.. we’re going to deliver a big night-time zombie fight.

We thought we could push things back another hour without sacrificing in other places, so we’re going to do that. If this change in timing causes any problems for you, please email us and we’ll be happy to help things.

The Saturday Schedule

If you have played with us for any length of time you have probably noticed that we like planning and scheduling. That being said, our content schedule has a margin of error of 15-30 minutes because Larp Happens.

Sat 10:00 pm. Evacuation
Sat 11:45 pm. Rest and rehydrate.
Sat 12:00 am. End-Game for Evacuees. Stampede for Sunsetters.*
Sat 1:00 am. Death Scenes for the Sunsetters.

*This does mean our sunsetters get a full MP refresh to play around with. So that’s cool.


If you’re fleeing Bravo then the fight to evacuate (yes.. there will be a fight) will be the last game content we run for you. Unless you die.

Once your character has survived, we’ll proceed to a small camp. This will either look a lot like Zuni or it will look like no-place-you-have-seen (depending on the weather and other circumstances). If we go to no-place-you-have-seen then we’ll drop glow sticks to lead you back home. :)

As previously mentioned, once your character survives you can:

  1. Roleplay until your heart is content.

  2. Join the Stampede

  3. Decompress at the Spoiler Party

  4. Watch for the Angst

If you want to Watch or Join.. we’ll offer instructions on how to do that at the event. (Where we send you is going to depend on which location we use).


You’re going to watch all your friends leave you behind. You will also be in a ghost town all alone.. for a bit. We strongly encourage you to plan for this. Plan your final farewell and plan your time alone. What would you do knowing you only have two hours to live? What do you do when maybe you’re not surrounded by those closest to you? We will have some soft-content in the play space, but a lot of our attention will be on the Evacuees. Please plan accordingly. :)

The start of the Stampede will be marked with an air raid siren.

The end of the Stampede will (probably) be marked with the sound of an explosion. (If your fellow Survivors can build a Bomb which we think they will do question mark?)

Spoiler Party

At 12:00 am, we’re going to turn the Saloon into a decompress and hangout space. We’re going to eat pizza and drink soda because it only seems fitting that after an intense weekend of playing pretend we all revisit our childhood for a pizza party.

We’ll have our experience designers present as soon as possible.

Every weekend we try to give you some spoilers from that weekend. Instead, we’re going to invite you to ask ANY question you have EVER had over the last seven years. Let’s all reminisce about what was and what could have been together. Spoilers will start after 1:00 am.

We’ll also be available to talk about 3.0 and the future of Bravo.

Season Finale

Hello friendaroos. We’re sharing our May update a little early. We want to tell a story with you. In the spirit of that, we’re going to share a little about our hopes and expectations for the event (and some logistics too). We also want to lean into your ideas as well. If there’s something big and bold you want to do before we close the season and this version of Bravo, let us know! This blog post is a conversation starter, not an end point.

Sunless Garden

There will be a Sunless Garden at Boot Hill. We won’t be running it round-the-clock like last month, but we will happily take you through the Garden if your character has a death or sunsets.

Victory Condition

The stampede is coming. This isn’t a thing that can be stopped. There is no solution to this because (real talk) we’re wiping away the old setting to build something that will look very different for 3.0. The stampede is a mechanism for that change.

That means we might have to adjust our normal expectation of what victory looks like. For some characters victory might be fleeing and surviving. For others it might mean helping some group or another to survive. And for others still it might mean avenging the town and killing Rob. That’s going to be different for each character, but we definitely encourage you to think about it.

More importantly, we encourage you to think of this less as winning a game and more like telling a narrative. Bitter-sweet endings tend to make for poor games, but probably the most amazing and powerful stories. We encourage you to have a story and not a game.

The Plan

We don’t know what your plan is. We would like to though!

Probably it will involve a big bomb because.. you like building bombs and so far its the only thing we’ve heard. So we’re going to lean into that and bring out the bomb prop and some sound effects. And if we need to scrap that plan for another over the course of the event, we’ll do that too. This is a story we want to tell with you.

War Table Intel

The War Table will have new information and intelligence coming in over the weekend. This is something missing from our last event. Some of that was because we wanted the world to feel like it was closing in and the threat is now at the doorstep. Some of that is because we have finite resources and the Sunless Garden took a lot of energy. You said wanted this back, so we’re going to bring back intel and missions from the broken lines courtesy of your newest ally - the Guild. (yay?)

We will also have the broken remains of some factions who can either be used on the War Table or included in the Evacuation (by expending limited resources). Those factions will live on in 3.0. They will look different, they will change as the years pass, but they will at least survive.

War Missions

We’re blatantly stealing an idea from Downfall 2017 with some NPC Land war missions. Missions might include runs for supplies, a rescue mission, or an attempt on a hard target (like Sharkface).

One or more of these will be Terminal Runs. A Terminal Run will be a one-way trip. The only way back into play is through the Sunless Garden after your character is overrun by enemy forces.


Prior to the Stampede there will be an evacuation that takes characters through Zuni and to the old horse corral field. If you want your character to play in 3.0, then you should be on the evacuation module. Characters that evacuate Bravo can then choose to:

  1. Roleplay with one another to close out open threads in their story.

  2. Join the Stampede as an Extra (NPC). We will have brawlers and make-up nearby.

  3. Decompress in the Saloon which will be an out-of-character space.

  4. Watch the Stampede as a non-interactable character for maximum angst.


The Stampede will be our final content for the event. This is a send-off for every character that wants to sunset. As such, it is our goal to make it as big and loud and fast and awesome as we can, an epic good bye for characters who give all and give their last. We want this scene to be the stuff of nightmares and legends, where a few stand against an ocean, and get to do one last thing before the waves crash ashore.

Characters who sunset in the Stampede will lose all their infection. Those characters will be marked in the database as retired. Players can take advantage of the full XP on that character when making a NEW character in 3.0.

April Update

GSCTX Construction

The area that was marked with Caution tape last month now has barrier fencing. This is primarily around the “front yard” of Wiki-up (aka Lucky 7). Please avoid this area. This does mean that one of Wiki-up’s door is out of play. Please use the door nearest the closets for emergencies but not other purposes. Additionally.. GSCTX has added more beds to Wiki-up (aka Lucky 7) by replacing the single beds with bunk beds.

Camp Binders

There is now a binder in each of the camp’s units. This binder includes cleaning procedures for each unit. It also includes a maintenance list. If you see something that merits attention, but its not an immediate emergency, then please make a note in the binder and the camp can then take steps to fix it.

These binders also include the camp’s rules. This includes things like their no smoking policy, which you’re already familiar with. It also includes items like quiet hours, which do not apply to us because we have rented the whole camp. DO NOT FREAK OUT!!! (See what we did there?) You can still scream like a lunatic into all hours of the night.

April Death

As we approach the season closer and the end of this particular chapter of Dystopia Rising, many of our established players are thinking about how they may sunset a character or push them into a new direction. Character death can be a vehicle for that. If you want your character to die, do it! Sometimes this experience is a game and sometimes it is a narrative.

If you need or want a narrative death, then please take it! A bunch of you did this with Uprise, but you can do this any time you want to. You don’t need our permission to eat your own infection. If you think four minutes of Bleed Out is enough, take a death. If you want to simply get pasted and die on a hit by some Big Bad - go for it! If your character eats a bunch of radioactive mushrooms for SCIENCE! and dies of radiation poisoning - cool!

If you need or want a death scene, then come by Ops and we’d like to do that for you. If you’re not interested in a death scene, and instead you want to just respawn at the Morgue, then that’s cool too. Either way, we encourage you to stop by Ops, grab a drink of water, catch your breath, and maybe sit for a minute to ease the transition. Then pick your poison (so to speak).

Yellow Roses in a Sunless Garden

April has always been a time for retrospection in the Lonestar. Boot Hill, a place for broken ghosts and half-remembered truths, is dying. It’s final exhumation is coming, a byproduct of the Stampede and the enormous volume of biomass aboveground.

The Mortis writhes; a blind eternity where we are stripped of our ego and our truth and left raw and malformed at the bottom of All Things. There an abscess grows like the pit of a rotten tooth.  Boot Hill has never been a proper morgue, but perhaps it has always been a Garden, untended.

This month you will be given the opportunity to delve into the liminal space between life and death, have your resolve tested and taken, and help correct the the broken narratives that are the organic result of war, death and a world where we are undone and remade like so many broken pots.


  • A Sunless Garden run will occur every two hours. This begins at Game On. There will be a hook shaped like Shan.

  • In the Sunless Garden you are given a resource called RESOLVE. These are tokens to be spent. I’m not telling you on what. <3

  • If you do not have a least one RESOLVE upon exiting the Sunless Garden you will be given a FRACTURE.

  • A FRACTURE is a 3.0 Mechanic (playtesting!). It is a derangement without a name, without being ascribed to a particular neurosis. We’ll tell you more at game.

Permed PCs

Are you interested in playing a dead PC for the LAST iteration of this piece of Bravo history? Bring your costume, shoot an email to shan@dystopiarisingtx.com (or just hit her up on FB) and get ready to be a broken husk of the person you once were for the benefit of your emotionally wrung out buddies!

Tuning into the SI:GNAL

Last month you installed a powerful device that can control, in a limited way, the kind of zed you will be fighting this month. Pay attention to that. Make cool choices with your resources. The war is ramping up, the stampede looms.

March Update

GSCTX Construction

Construction on the new bath house continues. This has definitely impacted the area outside of the Saloon. GSCTX has not roped it off and has left that to our discretion. We’re going to see what it looks like but we might have some Hot Zones or GM activity directly outside of the Saloon.


If you have a question or need a thing, this is a general reminder to ask one of the Guides in Ops. They are in the best position to help you, or at least to get you the help that you need.

No-Bandanna Challenge

We’ve packed almost no green bandannas this event. Our goal is to use them for when they are strictly necessary. (Like mortar fire). Otherwise, we very much want to shamble or raider rage with you.

The weather is finally warm!

We’re selectively ignoring Saturday night. It won’t be freezing temps and so far this year that’s a victory!

Daylight Savings Time

Friendly reminder that its Daylight Savings on Saturday. We’re going to run NPC blocks on the current clock. However, players can expect us to tuck you into bed a little early because of the lost hour. Either way, there’s no morning wake-up activities on Sunday morning so please sleep in as you like.

February Update


We received a lot of very useful feedback from our last event. If you sent in feedback - Thank You!

We’ve also thought more intentionally about how we process your feedback. It may have felt that we often look at feedback piecemeal and in many cases that’s been true. It is also not very informative. Without going too much into boring details, we’ve developed a process to help us better see trends in your feedback so we can focus on the things that matter the most.

Construction Notice!

Last week the Girl Scouts broke ground on a new shower house that is between the Office (aka Cat House) and Wikiup (aka Lucky 7). Right now we’re in the ground clearing stage so its just a mess of uneven ground and mud. If this is where we think it is, then its an area that we don’t use at all anyway.

We will be looking to mark it off if GSCTX does not.


We’ve updated our email. Our primary email is now info@dystopiarisingtx.com.

Our old gmail account will continue to forward emails to our new address, so if you accidentally send something to the old address then don’t worry.

If you do have an item pending please consider sending us an email to the new address.

War Table

The War Table has been updated with new features and mechanics. These might look like suggestions or comments we heard from you. The War Table will continue to evolve and change and we encourage you to run with your crazy ideas to add additional features.