March Update

GSCTX Construction

Construction on the new bath house continues. This has definitely impacted the area outside of the Saloon. GSCTX has not roped it off and has left that to our discretion. We’re going to see what it looks like but we might have some Hot Zones or GM activity directly outside of the Saloon.


If you have a question or need a thing, this is a general reminder to ask one of the Guides in Ops. They are in the best position to help you, or at least to get you the help that you need.

No-Bandanna Challenge

We’ve packed almost no green bandannas this event. Our goal is to use them for when they are strictly necessary. (Like mortar fire). Otherwise, we very much want to shamble or raider rage with you.

The weather is finally warm!

We’re selectively ignoring Saturday night. It won’t be freezing temps and so far this year that’s a victory!

Daylight Savings Time

Friendly reminder that its Daylight Savings on Saturday. We’re going to run NPC blocks on the current clock. However, players can expect us to tuck you into bed a little early because of the lost hour. Either way, there’s no morning wake-up activities on Sunday morning so please sleep in as you like.

February Update


We received a lot of very useful feedback from our last event. If you sent in feedback - Thank You!

We’ve also thought more intentionally about how we process your feedback. It may have felt that we often look at feedback piecemeal and in many cases that’s been true. It is also not very informative. Without going too much into boring details, we’ve developed a process to help us better see trends in your feedback so we can focus on the things that matter the most.

Construction Notice!

Last week the Girl Scouts broke ground on a new shower house that is between the Office (aka Cat House) and Wikiup (aka Lucky 7). Right now we’re in the ground clearing stage so its just a mess of uneven ground and mud. If this is where we think it is, then its an area that we don’t use at all anyway.

We will be looking to mark it off if GSCTX does not.


We’ve updated our email. Our primary email is now

Our old gmail account will continue to forward emails to our new address, so if you accidentally send something to the old address then don’t worry.

If you do have an item pending please consider sending us an email to the new address.

War Table

The War Table has been updated with new features and mechanics. These might look like suggestions or comments we heard from you. The War Table will continue to evolve and change and we encourage you to run with your crazy ideas to add additional features.

Every Year We Have a Theme

2017: “Welcome the New Player”

It is the nature of communities, as they age, that an old guard manufactures itself out of enfranchised veterans. The nature of that caste is mutable - and we made a choice in 2017 that our old guard would facilitate, not flagellate. We asked you all to make space for new players, to respect and invest in them. We asked you to buy into their dreams and their vision and to acknowledge that the amount of time we spend in this crazy fake world is not proportional to the ownership we have over the setting.

And you guys aced it. Our culture changed, our new players flourished - given space and a community that had decided to believe in them. I think some of our most dedicated marshals and prop-producers are a direct result of that culture shift. And I am so fucking proud that we did that together.

2018: “Practice self care”

Remember when we used to romanticize illness? When we would leave our wounds untended and risk infection for the sake of some arbitrary notion of “Bravo Hard”? When getting two hours of sleep a night at game was somehow a way to generate social currency?

That was really silly of us!

In 2018 we made a choice to stop engaging in destructive behavior like that. We said “guys it's about time you start taking care of yourselves” and you took us seriously. We provided you a room with bandaids and a resolution - but you’re the ones that realized what steps you needed to take to look after yourselves. You held one another accountable for the health of the individual. You provided painkillers and medical kits and emergency food. You collectively embraced the notion that is it the job of a community to look after one another - and that the most effective way to look out for our friends is to look after ourselves first.

That is a sweeping social change. It was deliberate, it was awesome.

Well - welcome to 2019 guys. We have big changes on the horizon. Some are already happening. But the change I want to talk about now has nothing to do with our new rulebook and everything to do with the members of the community that make that book worth reading.

2019: Be responsible for your own fun

It is, in our experience and belief, the job of every individual to lead a life conducive to their own happiness. In 2019 we can promise a few things. That we will try very hard. That we will strive to provide for you a greater quality of story and immersion. And that we will do everything we can to give you the tools you need in order to craft narratives that you will carry with you when you leave this transitory world that dies when you stop inhabiting it.

But what we cannot promise is that you will enjoy it. We cannot do that thing because you are a person, a complex and coherent system of beliefs and dispositions that color your world in a way that we will never see or hope to understand holistically.  And that’s really very okay.

What we can do is say - invest yourselves, guys. It was never the Jones mods that captured your minds, it was never the great big sky above our campsite or the sight of the lake as the sun comes up. It was never the setting alone that made you excited to come back. It was the people you experienced those things with, it was the narrative you assigned to those events, it was the resolution you manufactured and reached that make up the basic components of the fun and fear I hope you have experienced in equal measure over the years.

And those things don’t just happen. We make them ourselves.

So be proactive, guys. Be gutsy. Be gregarious. Be generous.  Make the world you want to see. There’s a ten foot circle around you - make that a space people want to be in. Prop hard, costume hard, roleplay hard. Find the fun and foster the fear.

Let’s buy in. Let’s decide to take ownership of our fun and see what happens. I can’t wait to tell these stories with you.

December Update

Liquid Memory Lapse

LML has been pulled from the blueprint list and we will no longer issue cards for it via the Post Office. If you have a copy of this recipe, please destroy it. If you have old cards, please also remove them.

I’m Too Young to Die!

We have a lot of coded phrases in DR. Logistics is the Outpost. NPC Shift is Civic Duty. The Wind is out-of-character players. Etc.

Last month we introduced a code phrase. "They are eating me alive." This means, I'm a New Player in Bleedout. Read: If you're a veteran, move your ass.

Players used it and it seemed to work very well. Last event we had a high death count and eliminated a lot of first-game deaths using this very simple strategy.

This month we’d like to change that code phrase to “I’m too young to die.” This works better in more scenarios (Raiders, Bandits, etc.) and has a nice meta component to it. Credit: Krystal Watson. We’d like to try this out and see how it works out.

If you hear either phrase “They’re eating me alive” or “I’m too young to die” feel free to respond the same way. :)

The War Table

This game you guys are getting a new mechanic. Get invested because this guy is going to be around until the end of the season. Check it out in the saloon at game on, do cool stuff with it, dream big dreams.


There is a whole world of NPCs that are also a part of Bravo. To represent their votes (while also quietly mocking the effect of special interests and lobbying in our democracy), these groups will each have an effect on the ballot count.

  • Each Faction can endorse one candidate for Council.

  • Each faction has a different weight. (You can think of this as a number of votes).

  • While the weights themselves cannot be known, any character with Lore: Local Area can discover the ordinal ranking of these groups. (Who is first, second, third, etc.)

  • While PC votes will take place during the 12-2 siesta, NPCs will not cast their vote until the end of the event.

  • Characters in the BMC can change the weight of Factions through voter fraud or voter suppression.

  • Factions may have established prejudices toward some candidates.

  • It is not possible for a character to win an election strictly through NPC endorsements.

The Ballot Box

The Ballot Box will be out from 12:00pm to 2:00pm during our NPC break to maximize the potential for everyone to participate.

Cold Weather

Its going to be cold this event. Please plan accordingly!

Keep an insulated layer (sleeping pad) between you and the ground. Cots also need an insulating layer between you and the air underneath them. Pee before bed. Pack pajamas and do not wear clothes you have been sweating in to bed.

There are typically beds available in the Tenderhorn cabin. Let’s give our Tenderhorns and visitors an opportunity to get those first, but if you see an open bed there then please use it! (Top bunks often go unchecked). Most of the open air cabins in Hope’s Edge have covers for the windows which will reduce wind and keep them much warmer.

If you need to move a sleeping pad into the floor of the Saloon (or any of the lodges) that’s okay. Do not be a martyr. Be warm instead.

If you are using a heater, please make sure it does not emit carbon monoxide, that it is tip-over safe, and does not have an open flame.

The November Update

NPC Blocks

Changed from three NPC block on Friday to two NPC blocks on Friday with one overlap. While this will mean a smaller overlap window, it’s easier to manage for Marshals. We’re hoping this translates into a better Friday night experience for players. NPCs still start at 10pm and end at 4am as usual. (You may have noticed this change already when picking an NPC time).


Reprinted Threat Guides. This removed some content from the game.

Added local undead: The Stampede.


We discussed the possibility of moving from Block voting to SVT voting for this election. A conversation first happened at the Director level (including our successors). This conversation then was taken to the Marshals.

Ultimately it was decided to keep the current system in place. Corruption and a certain lack of social mobility is a prominent theme of the game. We felt this should persist for this season.

Block voting does disadvantage minority opinions / candidates. To offset this, we’re going to lean into the political corruption of Bravo. Players should anticipate that NPCs and Factions will put their thumb on the election’s scales. This mechanism will favor minority opinions / candidates over established crews and veterans who are already advantaged by Block voting.

Early Camp Clean-Up

Added another block to the early camp cleanup. If you see a block is full, please find another one. Please do not just add your name. If you want to come in on Sunday to help in Ops, you can ALWAYS come in.


We’re rethinking how we create content, manage that content, and then schedule it. October was the first step and it went very well. Scheduling has happened faster, modules are better written and organized, encounters are still prominently available. Players like the ‘feel’ of this system. We’re going to continue to use it.