January Post-Event

Good Morning Survivors! 

If you haven't already sent in Feedback, I encourage you to do so. We would like to hear from you about what you enjoyed, what you would like to see more of, and what could use improvement.

Based on feedback we already received, we wanted to address a couple house-keeping / rules questions. 

Sunday CvC

Our rulebook requires characters initiating CvC to have been in play for at least 3 hours. That same character must remain in play for at least three hours (or until the next Twelves). That functionally means there is a window from Sunday 7:00am until game-off that there is no CvC. 

Raider Rage and Chop

There was some confusion in the field about Raider Rage and Chop. The problem is that the Berserker Raider write-up has two different descriptions for Raider Rage. 

The first write-up is: 

If a Berserker Raider is dropped to the ground and is not Double Tapped in 1 Minute, after one minute they will get back up with full health (no skill refresh) ONE TIME.

This is where we get into debates about whether a Raider's weapon can be chopped or not, because while its a legal target for Chop, we can all agree that a Raider who 'resets' without weapons is functionally ridiculous and a waste of that NPC's time and energy. 

The second write-up is: 

If a Beserker Raider is brought to bleed out their first time, they will scream RAIDER RAGE instead of dropping to the ground. Raider Rage fixes all mangle limbs, regains all health, and enter into a berserkers rage. Raiders under Raider Rage are immune to Fear and Nightmares and swing +1 melee damage.

This is the correct write-up, however its also the last one, and therefore sometimes missed. We've included a note to the franchisor about the error and struck the first with black marker to avoid confusion. We've also briefed Marshals to remove confusion in the future.  

Anticipating 3.0 

We have been having a wonderful discussion about 3.0 here. If you have burning issues to bring up, I encourage you to do so there as we are presently compiling feedback to present to the franchiser.