The November Update

NPC Blocks

Changed from three NPC block on Friday to two NPC blocks on Friday with one overlap. While this will mean a smaller overlap window, it’s easier to manage for Marshals. We’re hoping this translates into a better Friday night experience for players. NPCs still start at 10pm and end at 4am as usual. (You may have noticed this change already when picking an NPC time).


Reprinted Threat Guides. This removed some content from the game.

Added local undead: The Stampede.


We discussed the possibility of moving from Block voting to SVT voting for this election. A conversation first happened at the Director level (including our successors). This conversation then was taken to the Marshals.

Ultimately it was decided to keep the current system in place. Corruption and a certain lack of social mobility is a prominent theme of the game. We felt this should persist for this season.

Block voting does disadvantage minority opinions / candidates. To offset this, we’re going to lean into the political corruption of Bravo. Players should anticipate that NPCs and Factions will put their thumb on the election’s scales. This mechanism will favor minority opinions / candidates over established crews and veterans who are already advantaged by Block voting.

Early Camp Clean-Up

Added another block to the early camp cleanup. If you see a block is full, please find another one. Please do not just add your name. If you want to come in on Sunday to help in Ops, you can ALWAYS come in.


We’re rethinking how we create content, manage that content, and then schedule it. October was the first step and it went very well. Scheduling has happened faster, modules are better written and organized, encounters are still prominently available. Players like the ‘feel’ of this system. We’re going to continue to use it.