February Update

Post-Election Mechanics

In December major NPC factions put together a ballot based on candidates that aligned with their own goals and motivations. No single ballot was passed. However, each faction did have half their ballot elected. As a result each faction will inject a minor version of their original mechanics.

The Oil Barons are pleased with the election of Rajah who knows the status quo. All characters with Income will receive +2 Brass this event.

The Bucks are pleased with the election of Chloe who knows the struggle of the underdog. They will inject additional modules focused on increasing the political and economic literacy of Tenderhorns.

The LOA are pleased with the election of Keegan who they view as a hard-working man of the people, like themselves. The LOA will inject trade routes related to local goods and resources.


Bartender's Tongue

Faction information in Bartender's Tongue now includes the last time it was updated. For example: 

Landowners: The Red Menace (updated Feb 2018)


Not enough Scrounge was seeded last event. I'm trying to rectify that in the scheduling. 

Back End Organization

Reformatted the schedule we use for Modules. We were running into a problem during events where we were not sufficiently planning for modules that needed advanced staging. Probably this didn't impact your event at all unless you were a Marshal. We've now explicitly scheduled that to reduce on-site chaos. 

Infection Damage

This will come up a bunch this weekend...

If afflicted with the Infection status effect, it lasts until it has been removed by standard means of curing toxins, or until triggered. If you are knocked into Bleed Out while afflicted with the Infection status, after 30 seconds your Bleed Out count will pause and you will rise as a shambler zombie with Health equal to half your permanent Health. (Use beaters and small weapons, or short-half safe weapons as needed.) One knocked into Bleed Out again, your timer resumes, and the individual comes back to their senses, typically with serious emotional issues. While Infected, you should roleplay flu and fever-like symptoms....

Radiation Poisoning

I've not upgraded Radiation Poisoning from April's Dirty Bomb in some time. That's an intentional choice to give players a breather before everyone (who's not Tenderhorn / Retrograde) gets upgraded to Active next month. 

This information is available IC to any character with Lore: Radiation. 

Start planning. I also recommend checking the Research Binder early if you've been chasing this plot.