April Update


Added player events to the schedule as a reference point for Ops Marshals (ie Rover Moot, UIH, etc). This can help inform Marshals decisions to avoid some location or focus on others knowing what is happening. Right now I just pull these from the cool photos people post in the FB group and I'll probably continue to do that. It did mean reprinting the schedule like five times, but I feel its worth it. (I'm not going to reprint it again though so if you didn't put it up now.. sorry dude). 

Site Construction

Road as of today (Thursday) 1:30pm.

Road as of today (Thursday) 1:30pm.

Construction on the road continues. It now more closely resembles a road and not the worst Mario Kart map ever made. This may see more work before we arrive on site, but this is the current state. I'm told the material is soft and slow driving is vital. 

The water faucets around camp along pathways / roads are not in service. If you typically refill water there you're going to have to make the extra trip to a lodge. 

Additional work was done to the site's plumbing. This was done much earlier in the week so we shouldn't see any problems by this point. If you do see leaks anywhere just get word to me (either directly or through Logistics). 

Boot Hill

Boot Hill is scheduled for Saturday 12:00am. If you want some larp angst and drama then please go. 

Letters from the Road

If you filled out the opt-in form for maximum background dramas, then please meet me Friday at 10:00pm at Corky's Pavillion (the bathroom near Boot Hill). If you're on NPC shift I'll be happy to do a little spotlighting for when you get off at 1:00 am so you can also make choices and engage in appropriate hand wringing.


Dudes. Dudes. We need to talk. We need to talk about the parking. Its not the best. 

Many of you are stellar parkers. But some of you are parking off the left shoulder of the main road into camp and this is a problem. Some cars can park there and not actually be on the road (typically the first three), but after that its a bit of a mess and we have cars that aren't at all parked off the road. This presents a problem for emergency vehicles. Its also a bit frustrating for folks driving through. Probably I'm just going to cone off the side of the road so we stop parking there.

I know you want to park close to everything and save some step. I also want to do this. But let's be honest here. Most of us use our car twice in the weekend and we're going to walk 150,000k steps over the course of the weekend. Walking ten more steps isn't really going to make or break the weekend. (Unless you're a smoker and then I don't know what to tell you but it'd piss me off too if I had to walk twenty more steps for a butt. Sorry dude.)