Resolving Radiation

Thank you everyone for your creativity and energy in tackling Bravo's radiation problem, which has been a part of our setting for a whole year now. 

A lot of energy, time, and materials were poured into resolving this situation.  

Background Radiation

Downtown Bravo's background radiation will be reduced significantly. Characters will no longer start play with Onset or Active Radiation Poisoning. Characters who ended the event with Radiation Poisoning will still have that marked on their sheet and will still need to find resolution.

Floral Uptake

Crop Tending will no longer require a Green House, Hydroponics Bay, Other. You can Crop Tend wherever your heart pleases.

While this mechanic has definitely reduced the game's Herb generation, we hope that it at least provided an opportunity or reason for Farmers to roleplay with each other, to better incorporate props and equipment into their roleplay (which was dependent on a Forged item), etc. Poking the ground with a stick for twenty minutes is boring and looks dull. Roleplaying with a friend, watering the plants, mulching the soil, etc. is engaging and great stage work.

Glow Girls

Will continue to be an antagonist, but will be used strictly during high radiation events / modules.

Radiation Storms

Will only make an appearance when the site is heavy with fog, which isn't all that frequent. Running from environmental effects is kind of fun, but considering Texas weather we think this will only be a factor once a year. (Unless Global Climate Change is real.. good things its just a Chinese conspiracy. JK. Its fucking real. Please read more about it.) 

Hot Zones

Are gone. 

Second Order Effects

As promised...

No clean-up effort is perfect. There's always second order effects. Aerosolizing Texas Tea and Oppenheimer's Resurrection (composed of Lead) will definitely have an impact on the local environment. Anticipate infrequent (less than once per event) environmental effects that make lodges inhospitable for brief time periods.