February Update


We received a lot of very useful feedback from our last event. If you sent in feedback - Thank You!

We’ve also thought more intentionally about how we process your feedback. It may have felt that we often look at feedback piecemeal and in many cases that’s been true. It is also not very informative. Without going too much into boring details, we’ve developed a process to help us better see trends in your feedback so we can focus on the things that matter the most.

Construction Notice!

Last week the Girl Scouts broke ground on a new shower house that is between the Office (aka Cat House) and Wikiup (aka Lucky 7). Right now we’re in the ground clearing stage so its just a mess of uneven ground and mud. If this is where we think it is, then its an area that we don’t use at all anyway.

We will be looking to mark it off if GSCTX does not.


We’ve updated our email. Our primary email is now info@dystopiarisingtx.com.

Our old gmail account will continue to forward emails to our new address, so if you accidentally send something to the old address then don’t worry.

If you do have an item pending please consider sending us an email to the new address.

War Table

The War Table has been updated with new features and mechanics. These might look like suggestions or comments we heard from you. The War Table will continue to evolve and change and we encourage you to run with your crazy ideas to add additional features.