April Update

GSCTX Construction

The area that was marked with Caution tape last month now has barrier fencing. This is primarily around the “front yard” of Wiki-up (aka Lucky 7). Please avoid this area. This does mean that one of Wiki-up’s door is out of play. Please use the door nearest the closets for emergencies but not other purposes. Additionally.. GSCTX has added more beds to Wiki-up (aka Lucky 7) by replacing the single beds with bunk beds.

Camp Binders

There is now a binder in each of the camp’s units. This binder includes cleaning procedures for each unit. It also includes a maintenance list. If you see something that merits attention, but its not an immediate emergency, then please make a note in the binder and the camp can then take steps to fix it.

These binders also include the camp’s rules. This includes things like their no smoking policy, which you’re already familiar with. It also includes items like quiet hours, which do not apply to us because we have rented the whole camp. DO NOT FREAK OUT!!! (See what we did there?) You can still scream like a lunatic into all hours of the night.

April Death

As we approach the season closer and the end of this particular chapter of Dystopia Rising, many of our established players are thinking about how they may sunset a character or push them into a new direction. Character death can be a vehicle for that. If you want your character to die, do it! Sometimes this experience is a game and sometimes it is a narrative.

If you need or want a narrative death, then please take it! A bunch of you did this with Uprise, but you can do this any time you want to. You don’t need our permission to eat your own infection. If you think four minutes of Bleed Out is enough, take a death. If you want to simply get pasted and die on a hit by some Big Bad - go for it! If your character eats a bunch of radioactive mushrooms for SCIENCE! and dies of radiation poisoning - cool!

If you need or want a death scene, then come by Ops and we’d like to do that for you. If you’re not interested in a death scene, and instead you want to just respawn at the Morgue, then that’s cool too. Either way, we encourage you to stop by Ops, grab a drink of water, catch your breath, and maybe sit for a minute to ease the transition. Then pick your poison (so to speak).

Yellow Roses in a Sunless Garden

April has always been a time for retrospection in the Lonestar. Boot Hill, a place for broken ghosts and half-remembered truths, is dying. It’s final exhumation is coming, a byproduct of the Stampede and the enormous volume of biomass aboveground.

The Mortis writhes; a blind eternity where we are stripped of our ego and our truth and left raw and malformed at the bottom of All Things. There an abscess grows like the pit of a rotten tooth.  Boot Hill has never been a proper morgue, but perhaps it has always been a Garden, untended.

This month you will be given the opportunity to delve into the liminal space between life and death, have your resolve tested and taken, and help correct the the broken narratives that are the organic result of war, death and a world where we are undone and remade like so many broken pots.


  • A Sunless Garden run will occur every two hours. This begins at Game On. There will be a hook shaped like Shan.

  • In the Sunless Garden you are given a resource called RESOLVE. These are tokens to be spent. I’m not telling you on what. <3

  • If you do not have a least one RESOLVE upon exiting the Sunless Garden you will be given a FRACTURE.

  • A FRACTURE is a 3.0 Mechanic (playtesting!). It is a derangement without a name, without being ascribed to a particular neurosis. We’ll tell you more at game.

Permed PCs

Are you interested in playing a dead PC for the LAST iteration of this piece of Bravo history? Bring your costume, shoot an email to shan@dystopiarisingtx.com (or just hit her up on FB) and get ready to be a broken husk of the person you once were for the benefit of your emotionally wrung out buddies!

Tuning into the SI:GNAL

Last month you installed a powerful device that can control, in a limited way, the kind of zed you will be fighting this month. Pay attention to that. Make cool choices with your resources. The war is ramping up, the stampede looms.