Evacuation and Stampede

A Change in Casting Time

We’re going to push back the time for the final casting time (NPC block) from 8pm - 12am to 9pm-1am. We’re doing this to provide some more game time for those planning to evacuate which will be the majority of players.

Scheduling this is a little tricky. We want to push this as late into the event as possible because we want to maximize everyone’s game time. We also cannot make it VERY late because players start turning into pumpkins around 12 or 1. The players who are at casting (NPC) are especially tired by this point in the weekend, so we need to consider that as well. We could do this in the morning, but big night-time zombie fight is kind of the thing we’re all here for. So.. we’re going to deliver a big night-time zombie fight.

We thought we could push things back another hour without sacrificing in other places, so we’re going to do that. If this change in timing causes any problems for you, please email us and we’ll be happy to help things.

The Saturday Schedule

If you have played with us for any length of time you have probably noticed that we like planning and scheduling. That being said, our content schedule has a margin of error of 15-30 minutes because Larp Happens.

Sat 10:00 pm. Evacuation
Sat 11:45 pm. Rest and rehydrate.
Sat 12:00 am. End-Game for Evacuees. Stampede for Sunsetters.*
Sat 1:00 am. Death Scenes for the Sunsetters.

*This does mean our sunsetters get a full MP refresh to play around with. So that’s cool.


If you’re fleeing Bravo then the fight to evacuate (yes.. there will be a fight) will be the last game content we run for you. Unless you die.

Once your character has survived, we’ll proceed to a small camp. This will either look a lot like Zuni or it will look like no-place-you-have-seen (depending on the weather and other circumstances). If we go to no-place-you-have-seen then we’ll drop glow sticks to lead you back home. :)

As previously mentioned, once your character survives you can:

  1. Roleplay until your heart is content.

  2. Join the Stampede

  3. Decompress at the Spoiler Party

  4. Watch for the Angst

If you want to Watch or Join.. we’ll offer instructions on how to do that at the event. (Where we send you is going to depend on which location we use).


You’re going to watch all your friends leave you behind. You will also be in a ghost town all alone.. for a bit. We strongly encourage you to plan for this. Plan your final farewell and plan your time alone. What would you do knowing you only have two hours to live? What do you do when maybe you’re not surrounded by those closest to you? We will have some soft-content in the play space, but a lot of our attention will be on the Evacuees. Please plan accordingly. :)

The start of the Stampede will be marked with an air raid siren.

The end of the Stampede will (probably) be marked with the sound of an explosion. (If your fellow Survivors can build a Bomb which we think they will do question mark?)

Spoiler Party

At 12:00 am, we’re going to turn the Saloon into a decompress and hangout space. We’re going to eat pizza and drink soda because it only seems fitting that after an intense weekend of playing pretend we all revisit our childhood for a pizza party.

We’ll have our experience designers present as soon as possible.

Every weekend we try to give you some spoilers from that weekend. Instead, we’re going to invite you to ask ANY question you have EVER had over the last seven years. Let’s all reminisce about what was and what could have been together. Spoilers will start after 1:00 am.

We’ll also be available to talk about 3.0 and the future of Bravo.