October Update


Updated Marshals to reflect changes made since we started the season.
Updated some menus to make it easier to find setting information.
Updated the Town Laws to reflect votes from September.
Added a Marshal Application form under Contact Us which will be up indefinitely.
Removed a bug where players could purchase advanced tickets after the deadline if it was already in their cart.


We’re rethinking how we create content, manage that content, and then schedule it. October is always a bit of a strange event, so we’re going to make it a little stranger by changing how things are organized. This will likely give Marshals more flexibility and autonomy. From a player-side that may look like the event ‘feels’ different. But also its October where we all run around like a Benny Hill cartoon while horror movie fundamentalists try to kill us.

So.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Cabin Totes

Cabin Totes arrived and will be available for storing decorations. We have one for each of the major sites - McBride/BFG, Lucky 7, Tent City, Hope’s Edge, Buccs

Threat Update

Removed Diggers from play per Downfall.
Removed Toy Boxes from play per Downfall.

September Update

Zuni (aka Slums)

We're going to keep Zuni as a module space (which we affectionately call NPC Land). The feedback we got from the closer was overall very positive. From a game-runner's perspective, there was a lot of value in having a dedicated NPC space, particularly one with structures that was close to Ops. If our needs exceed beds, then we will either 1) use the beds in that space as an OOC sleeping space and continue to use it during the day for modules or 2) re-open Zuni as a play-area if there is sufficient need. However until further notice Zuni is an out of game space that we will be using for away mods only

The Bucks Cabin

The bulk of our players are returning, local players. Which means many of us already know where to find a bed, we often bunk in the same places, and with the same people. That's a great thing! Newer and visiting players may not know where to find a bunk.

The Bucks Cabin (aka Tenderhorns, aka Wiki-up) will also host Travelers. If you are a Tenderhorn (within your first three events) or if you are a traveling player and do not know where to acquire a bed, then this place is for you. We hope this eases the burden of playing in an established game and also helps maximize bed use on the site. 



Having a mid-day break from NPCs worked out very well at Uprise and for May. We were really pleased with how well it was received by players, the roleplay opportunities it created during the day, and the increased activity we could implement at night as a result. 

We even discussed this with other Directors at the Director Retreat. We've heard a lot of positive reception to this abroad as well, so we will continue to use it. :)

From 12pm - 2pm there will be no NPCs. If you want to grab a nap, run off-site for supplies, or have an uninterrupted meeting then this is the time to do it. 


Trucks Wanted!

We could use help with the setup and breakdown of site. If you have a truck, can be on site Friday at 12 noon, and do not mind a clean-up that will run (a little) later than the average, we would very much appreciate the help. Email dr.lonestar@gmail.com and we can figure out the details. 


Cabin Totes

We are stealing a brilliant idea from our friends in NM. We are acquiring a few more bins for the major camping areas - BFG, Lucky 7, Hope's Edge, Tent City. Any props for decorating the area that are placed inside we will pick up and store in the storage locker. Next month, we will pull that same tote out and place it at the entrance of your apoc home, so you can pull out all of your beautiful props and make your apoc home look cozy and grimey. 

Calendar of Events

Below you'll find a calendar of the mysteries and stories we will be resolving this year as we begin to wrap up what we have affectionately been calling "Old Bravo." Next year not only do we have a team of new Directors coming on board, but we will also usher in 3.0, which means we get to create New Bravo together. 

Before we get there, its time to wrap up some old mysteries and stories. We hope these stories are fun and compelling not only for our veterans who have seen some of these stories lurking in the background for years, but also to newcomers who are tuning in just as we all discover a little more about what makes Bravo.. Bravo. 

Overarch Calendar2.jpg


We have created a digital newsletter! You can receive e-mail updates to our blog, notifications on advanced ticket sales, and all of the other pertinent information you may want to have before (or after) an event. 

Historically we have used Facebook a lot to distribute this information. While we will continue to use Facebook, we want to be able to talk to our player base more directly. We want all of our players to have access to news and updates, not just those who hit Facebook's latest algorithm. 

Last year we started actively using this blog more to communicate with you. We're going to continue to do that. With the addition of a digital newsletter we want to be able to provide you direct notification of events and updates that you may be interested in.

You can sign-up for our newsletter on our home page. You can expect to see the same updates we typically post via Facebook, but with the assurance that you'll be able to actually see it. :) 

Sexual Misconduct Policy & Procedure

You may have heard some of us Directors gush about how wonderful it was to have RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) make a presentation at the Director’s Retreat in June. If not, prepare to receive a small gush and also an explanation.

The presentation from RAINN included facts and statistics about sexual harassment and assault, but more importantly it gave us expert advice on how to make our communities unwelcoming for perpetrators.

To that end the Directors for Dystopia Rising Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma put our heads together and developed a Sexual Misconduct Policy that we could all agree on. Since our communities mingle and overlap in wonderful ways, we decided our policy should reflect that.

This behavior wasn’t acceptable before we wrote this policy, however RAINN taught us that making these  policies visible does a few very important things.

  1. Showing specifically which behaviors won’t be tolerated will discourage predators  from joining or remaining in the community. Predators thrive where they can push boundaries without consequence.

  2. Outlining which behaviors are inappropriate and the procedure when misconduct is reported helps members of the community enforce standards, empowering them to help keep their community safe.

So yeah, here’s us saying that this kind of behavior is not only unacceptable in our spaces - but showing you exactly how we’ll handle it and supporting our community in creating safer spaces for gaming.

Please read our full Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure