The setting of our story is Bravo, a small Merican settlement in the Lone Star.  To the north is Star City and Fort Worthless, the heart of General Mustang’s empire. South is Aggieland, home to a cult of technocrats, and New Austen.  


Season 1

Our story began with a caravan of Survivors bound for the Lone Star.  The Survivors arrived in the small settlement of Bravo on the heels of the Great Stampede - a massive herd of shambling dead that breached the town's defenses and threatened to take everything with it.   With nowhere else to go, the Survivors took shelter where they could.  Not everyone survived. 

When the stampede passed the Survivors settled downtown Bravo permanently.  Tensions were high between so-called Downtowners and Bravo's natives.  Survivors bristled at the town's slave laws while natives resented Downtowners who ignored the rule of law.  Diplomacy and charity mended wounds.  So did the persistent threat of extinction from raider clans, diesel jocks, the shambling dead, and the Children of the aTm.  With each threat came the bitter-sweet offer of Star City's protection. 


Season 2

The Survivors thrived in Downtown, but it was not easy.  The Survivors acquired property rights through long-term leases, but some struggled to pay rent, or outright refused to do so.  Anti-slavery laws were passed, but the practice was not outlawed and the meat market continues to thrive.  Changes to the town's bylaws allowed a Downtowner to be elected Mayor, just a few months after his predecessor was assassinated by abolitionists.

The town's growth was accommodated by the Gravemind.  New Morgues manifested and the Gravemind began to regurgitate strange undead, the strangest being an undead woman that seemed to both control and consume the Horde at will - the Shard.  She terrorized Bravo for months until a small group penetrated a local Morgue and killed her inside the Gravemind that birthed her.  


Season 3

The season began with the promise of conflict from the North.  Mustang expanded his reach, invading and occupying Temple Station to the north and hijacking Bravo's airwaves with the promise of One Lone Star.  Mustang sieged Bravo, severing all communication with the outside world, firebombing farmlands, and erecting a trade blockade which strangled trade.  

Through a strange clan of Unborn, the Survivors learned of Mustang's advancement on the Oil Fields and the impending arrival of a device intended to either destroy the town or leave it an irradiated waste.  The Downtowners broke past Mustang's blockade and sent a call for help.  The Great Uprise saw Survivors from across the wastes converge on the Oil Fields where Mustang's Law Men and Militia were defeated.