Dystopia Rising: Texas is a 16+ event.  Minors require their parent's permission (and a signed waiver) to play. This is an adult game with adult themes. Our events have the following content:

  • Institutional corruption and abuses of power
  • Physically demanding activity (running, simulated fighting, etc.)
  • Simulated drug use and addiction
  • Simulated psychological roleplay
  • Lightest-touch combat simulation
  • Remnants of a slave-based society
  • Strainism (a parallel to racism)
  • Religious conflict (game faiths - not real faiths)
  • Psionic conflict (a parallel to many forms of discrimination based on genetic / biological circumstance)
  • Wealth inequality
  • Rent and debt collection
  • Night-time attacks (even on sleeping characters)
  • Splatter / Gore modules (forewarning will be provided, but these modules will cover players in liquid or debris)
  • 24-hour character immersion
  • Simulated sex work
  • Mutated and hostile fauna 
  • Wild west tropes with a post-apoc flavor


Does Not Contain:

Any content (themes, discussion, jokes, or conversation) that relates to rape, sexual abuse, or sexual assault. This includes sex with characters who are under 18. This includes coerced sex work. 

Actual violence.

Actual racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic language; for that matter any language intended to make people feel shitty based on the accident of being born to one circumstance versus another.