MAYOR: Centex washborne

Executes all laws and business of the town.  The mayor may appoint officers to help execute town business, such as a Treasurer.  The Mayor's office is up for election every year (or as needed).  Any literate and native born citizen of Bravo, as well as any person who has made the town home for one year and paid for rent for six months, can run for Mayor.  

The Mayor shall publish and maintain a public Census of Citizens.  A new census is drafted at the beginning of each Mayor's term.  To be added to the Census at any time, each Citizen must pay a Brass to the Mayor as a registration fee.  Proceeds from the Census will go to fund and support town infrastructure and the Border Patrol.  Any declared to be a Felon, Rent Dodger, or Red will be struck from the Census.  The Mayor won't deny any peaceful visitor the right to buy citizenship. The Mayor posts the council report and sets the council agenda.

In times of trouble the Mayor may appoint a Honcho. The Honcho can form a posse and press and folks holdin' a weapon into the posse. Refusin' the Honcho is a misdemene. Opposin' the Honcho is a felon. The Honcho ain't the Honcho after 40 hours or when the Mayor says the trouble is done.

The Mayor posts the Council Report and sets the Council Agenda.

Judge: Parker

The Judge will preserve the law and sentence the guilty.  He collects evidence on any crime so that a person can have a fair trial, allows for the accused to make a case, determines their guilt, and passes sentence.  The Judge can shoot to kill when pursuing an enemy of the law and may appoint deputies.  He presides over all elections.  Any duel overseen by the Judge is legal and binding.  The Judge is recommended by the Mayor, confirmed by the Town Council, and appointed for life.  The Judge must be literate and educated.  Any citizen can challenge the Judge's ruling with a duel.  No convicted criminal can ever challenge the Judge.

Town Council: Keegan o'Shea, Little Bear, Kazimir, Landowner rep.

The Town Council writes the town's laws, declares war, and sets the budget.  The Council seats four individuals, three elected seats and one appointed by the Landowners Association.  A majority can pass a law.  A ties goes to the highest pledge to the Ranger Patrol fund.  Bylaws and Rights require unanimous vote to add, change, or remove.  Council members must be notified 12 hours before a vote.  Councilmen are elected and appointed annually (or as needed).  Any literate citizen can run for town council.  Council can add voting items to the council agenda by majority vote.

The Council can add voting items to the council agenda by a majority vote.

The Law

Murdering:  Murdering any citizen or peaceful guest is a felon.

Thieving: Stealing another person's property in Bravo is illegal.

Cavorting:  Providing aid to the raiders, undead, Red Star, and enemies of the town is a felon.

Votin:  Convicts aint citizens and aint gunna vote.  Red Star and Final Knights aint people and aint fit to vote.

Duelin:  Any dispute settled by a duel is settled.  A person can't raise dead business just because their too slow on the draw.  People don't need no armor to duel.  Duels are to the Death.

Convicts:  A person that misdameans the law can pay their debt to society.  A person that felons the law will always be a convict.

The Pledge:  The Town Council may settle any vote by way o' the Pledge.  Voting citizens may pledge brass, herb, or scrap to a councilman to see things their way.  A citizen's only obligated to a pledge their councilman fulfilled.

Slavery:  Capturin', ownin', or sellin' slaves is a felon in Bravo, cuz slavery is illegal.

Poisons:  Holdin' poisons is a felon. Addictive brews ain't poisons, except Mother's Milk.

Psions: Using Psionics is a misdamean. 

Pardoned:  A punished convict can be pardoned and be a citizen if the Mayor and Town Council agree, and after 4 months of proving their worth.

Rangers:  A Ranger won't be denied a bed, a meal, or a drink

Iron Horses.  Iron Horses will be kept outside of town.  They will be allowed downtown for sanctioned races, with an event fee paid to the ranger patrol.  

Parole: The Council may appoint a bailiff to escort enemies as peaceful guests.







Protected Rights