Laws and Contracts


The “Laws” of Bravado

Contracts are the sum and whole of the Law.” 

“Contracts require a Witness to be valid.” 

“Anyone breaking a contract is a Breacher.

“Breachers are subject to The Gauntlet.”

“Anyone not holding a contract is a Vagrant.”

“Vagrants have no voice in Company Affairs.”


Town Bulletin

“The Gauntlet is held at noon on Saturday.” 

“Folks that hold contracts to hunt down Breachers are Law Dogs.”

“Hell Hounds are Law Dogs that kill Breachers on sight.”



Contracts are a consent mechanic to opt into the mods, factions, and stories you want:

  • Contracts can be for the Individual or for a Specified Group in scope

  • Contracts may also represent mod-hooks and info

  • Contracts may be represented in the play space with either Society Memberships (with appropriate tokens), Plot Mechanics Cards, data-drops for mod-hooks (with phys reps), or just player-made props. 

  • When signing/marking a contract in-character, a player must add their player number to the signature. While considered out-of-game knowledge, this allows for plot around signature forgeries, and allows characters without literacy the ability to still ‘sign’.

  • Anyone may be a Witness. A contract is considered “In Effect” upon signing unless otherwise indicated in the contract language.

Sample Railroad Commission Contract

Sample Railroad Commission Contract