Lineages & Strains

Suggestions and guidelines for what to play in our chapter…


Common Strains

Any player may create a character of the following strains without prior approval. You may choose to submit a background for these characters, but it is optional.

Townie | Baywalker, Yorker, Vegasian

Mutant | Remnant, Retrograde, Tainted

Landsman | Merican, Natural One

Nomad | Diesel Jock, Rover

Devoted | Accensorite

Evolved | Iron

Setting Specific Strains

The following strains are able to be played once the player has submitted a background application. We highly encourage tying characters of these strains to the suggested local faction to receive enhanced role play opportunities and setting information, though they are not required to be currently affiliated with that faction in play.

If you are already in play with a character of one of these strains then you are welcome to also opt-in to a backstory involving these factions over the timeskip, but it is not required.


Elitariat | Digitarian, Pureblood, Solestros

Elitariats are heavily encouraged to have backstory ties to either the Railroad Commission or the Conglomerate.

Nomad | Salt Wise

Devoted | Red Star

Salt Wise and Red Stars are heavily encouraged to have some form of background tie to the Junkerpunk faction.


Gorger | Full Dead

Devoted | Unborn

Unborn and Full Dead are encouraged to have connections to the Grave Council.

Gorger | Lascarian

Lascarians are encouraged to have some form of background tie to the Redwater Clan or the Tribes Disparate.


Landsman | Quiet Folk

Most Quiet Folk in the area are tied into the Lovelace Family or the Widows of the Lonestar in some way.

Evolved | Unstable

Unstable are encouraged to submit an origin backstory tying them to the Conglomerate or the Hermits of Helios.


Gorger | Semper Mort

Evolved | Reclaimers

These strains are rare in the Lone Star, and we would like to have a dialogue with anyone wanting to play these strains to formulate your unique backstory. So please submit a background application and we will start that conversation with you!