Living in Bravado

Sights and sounds from around the settlement… A map of the Camp Kachina site is available here. A genre in-character map is available here.


General Store | Post Office

The “Company Store” of the Railroad Commission - the General Store & Post Office is often the first stop for newcomers to town. Here is where you can purchase a set of basic supplies, and catch up on the local gossip. This is also the mail-room of the local Post Workers, who are charged with delivering mail across the wastes through rain, fog, sleet, and zed. Helpful Public Workers disperse supplies from the front porch service window. A bulletin board holds contract ads, wanted posters, and important announcements. For those arriving for the first time there are warm, dry bunks, though best not to stay too long - there’s always a new Duster coming through the door with dust on their boots and hope in their eyes.

The General Store | Post Office is located in the large, two-story building called Kiva Lodge on our campsite. This space includes the service-window on the porch where you go to access the Post Office and receive in-character logistical items from Guides for using skills, such as crafting, cooking, and foraging.

This is one of our three climate-controlled player sleeping areas. The upstairs sleeping space is set aside for New Player sleeping for up to their third game, and is first-come, first-served for non-New Player sleep after 8pm on Friday. All other bunks are first-come, first-served.

The back room holds basic medical supplies such as band-aids and hygiene items.


The Depot | Logistics

This large building is usually bustling with travelers disembarking from the Ox before dispersing across the settlement.
It’s a busy, hectic place, so it’s best not to loiter outside. The Railroad Commission likes to keep people moving - and making them profit.

The Depot | Logistics is an out-of-character space, located in the Dining Hall on our campsite, where our Extras and Guides operate to prepare for providing experiences to the rest of the game. This is also where you come for out-of-character player needs like check-in and registering your character for play, or to find a Guide to answer a rules question or just to get out-of-character information like, “what food is nearby?”

The kitchen located in this Dining Hall requires a food handler’s license to use the equipment. Storing your food in this fridge and using the microwave is fine without a license. If you are approaching the building in-character, use the breezeway entrance to avoid entering through Logistics.

Email food handling licenses to


The Ox | Parking Lot

An iron horse larger than ten caravans mounted on steel rails, The Ox is the gestalt amalgamation of a dozen derelict trains, construction vehicles and the engine of a single downed jet plane, The Ox rockets across the blastlands at breakneck, ludicrous speed between the cities of Essex and the untamed badlands around the new town, now christened Bravado. It is often seen at the Depot, disembarking new Dusters arriving to seek their fortunes in the Railroad Commission’s Work Camp.

Opposite the Punkerport, the Ox is the narrative method by which most new and returning characters arrive in our town. In the playspace, players enter play at the gate leading into the campsite from the parking lot. If you need to check-in, please proceed to the Depot | Logistics, in the Dining Hall near the parking lot.


Dusters | New Players

So-called for the thin film of dust clinging to their clothing and shoes, “Dusters” arrive in town on the back of The Ox, before making their way to the General Store to being looking for a bunk, hard work, and a friendly face - not necessarily in that order.

Dusters are a codephrase commonly used to refer to players who have played three events or less. Dusters may also be referred to as ‘tenderhorns’ (a carry-over from our previous setting) or other similar phrases used in other settlements eg: Bluebirds, New Fish, etc.

In character, a player may choose to wear a blue bandanna on their person to indicate they are new to game. This helps serve as an out of character signal to other players to help introduce them to others and rope them into narratives in a fun way. Basically, get them involved and help them find their feet in the town.


The Hallows | Morgue

The domain of the eerie Grave Council, the Hallows is maintained for the use of the Railroad Commission, for the efficient cycling of their workers through the process of living, working, and dying. For some, this is a place of quiet contemplation - for others, a place of unsettling experiences. Inside this old barn, the cries of the recently deceased mingle with the disembodied voices of the great Gravemind, the Mortis Amaranthine. This is a liminal space where the memories of the past mingle with the shades of the dead, and those who the Infection has knit back together pull themselves from the ground with help from the cadre of local Grave Robbers contracted for this purpose. Above the whispers and shudders, a slow sepulchral tone sounds - the bell at the crossroads announcing - another Brave has fallen.

The Hallows is our in-character Morgue, located in the building called Hopi Lodge on our campsite. When your character dies, or otherwise participates in a death scene, this is the space where those scenes are commonly carried out after they have recorded the death at Logistics. Sometimes we also use this space for other intensive sensory experiences, like blackbox scenes and special mods. Due to the unevenness of the terrain around this building, combat is not allowed in its immediate vicinity and should only occur at a safe distance where the footing is better.


The WastelandS | CVC zone

Safety is never guaranteed in Bravado, but even less so the further you get from the central hub of the General Store and its outlying neighborhoods. The Wastelands are the least protected areas of the settlement, prone to roaming beasts, banditry, and general lawlessness. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to enter these blastlands - chief among them being the improved odds of finding rare resources, a large helping of quiet solitude for shifty business, and the quiet pride in potentially being the most dangerous creature other people encounter out there.

The Wasteland is a CvC flagged zone that stretches from the Lake Gate down to the Lake shore. Refer to the section called “Conflict between Leading Characters” and “CvC in the Wastelands” in the rule book for details. A character cannot be forced to enter the Wastelands unwillingly, in or out of character. All CvC rules regarding staying in play apply.


The Maw | Market

The only thing better than striking it rich on a delve is spending that newfound wealth! The Maw is the direct result of this impulse - what initially started as a trading post for bartering for supplies at the mouth of one of the original delve-shafts has slowly become more and more established over time, with various entrepreneurs and merchants rotating through its raised stalls and shops.

The Maw is located in the tall wooden structure called The Treehouse on our campsite. You are welcome to set up market stalls in and around this structure. Due to the nature of the space, all combat must happen on the ground. Camping and sleeping in this area is allowed, so long as all living areas are suitably ‘genre’ and dystopian-looking.


Delvedown Camp | Crafting Zone

One of the original delve-sites, Delvedown Camp is a primitive shanty-town on the outskirts of Bravado. Nevertheless, this is where the majority of the settlement’s industry and crafting occurs, as various artisans and tinkers use the crafting workshops and tools provided by the Railroad Commission to keep the camp running - on top of fighting off any external threats that roll in from the Wastelands. A number of delve-shafts in the area provide access into the mysterious excavation areas below.

Delvedown Camp is located in the section of the camp with raised platform tents, called Yuma on our campsite. This is also a player living area with showers, bathrooms, and space to set up dystopian-looking tents. All platform tents/bunks are first-come, first-served.


Punkerport | Fishing Zone

A run-down marina where the waterways leading from the clutch empty into the irradiated lake that laps at the shores of New Bravado. Here the Junkerpunks drop anchor at a rusted but rugged man-made island in the center of the lake, and row their dinghies to the dilapidated docks to offload agricultural and trading supplies for the Delve-camps, and take on shipments of foraged metals and fantastic technology to be shipped out to the Clutch and beyond. Primarily occupied by Saltwise, Red Stars, and hardy dockworkers, the Punkerport is a raucous setting where violence, acts of bravado, and intoxication go hand in hand - not necessarily in that order.

The Punkerport is located down at the docks along the lakeshore. It is labeled The Point at our campsite. Note, the Punkerport is part of the Wastelands which means it is an area that can only be entered willingly in character and is CvC flagged.


The Dive | Cooking/Brewing area

A delve-camp is only as healthy as it’s hearty meals. Here, within close proximity to the crafting and farming zones of Bravado, hard-working cooks and brewers churn out meals that, while not particularly appealing to the eye, are at least appetizing to a hungry Delver, Railroad worker, or Law Dog.

The Dive is our primary cooking and brewing area. It is located in the center of camp in the open-air pavilion labeled Hopi on our campsite. There are also ten open-air cabins with 4 bunks apiece in this part of the town for player living. An outdoor shower area and washroom/bathroom are nearby. All bunks/cabins are first-come, first-served.


The Meadow | Farming Area

Here and there, amongst the pocked, broken, and scorched earth of Bravado, there are areas of potent abundance. Fascinating to the Hermits, inexplicable to the Digitarians, this stretch of fertile field is the best soil in the area for planting high-yield crops. Perhaps it’s the radiation, causing mutations for good instead of harmful cancer? Or something else seeping up from the ruins below? Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to stick your green thumbs into the soil, this is where you want to do it.

The Meadow is located in the large field next to the crossroads, between Kiva Lodge and Hopi on our campsite. This is where roleplay materials are placed to allow players to roleplay their agricultural skills.


The Breach | Experience Space

Run-down and dilapidated structures. Deep and sudden sinkholes and cravasses.
The Breach is land no one has been able to find a purpose for yet. Best to avoid it.

The Breach is primarily out-of-character space labeled on our site as Zuni. It is often used for experiences that require players to go somewhere outside of the downtown area. There are usually roadblock signs at the entrance to the Breach that indicate whether you may enter the area at will, or if it’s required for a Guide to lead you there for a specific purpose. If in doubt, ask a guide!


Widow’s Walk

Here the encroaching forest truly begins to make its in-roads on the burgeoning settlement. An excellent place for hunting and gathering, the Widow’s Walk bears few inhabitants, while still being generally safer than the rough-and-tumble wastelands a short distance beyond.

Widow’s Walk is a mostly-unoccupied stretch of forest and trails between Delvedown Camp and the Wastelands. It is labeled Tewa on our campsite. A good place for shady meetings outside of the CvC zone.


The Dog run

A bunker-house for the delve-camps, this building seems to be a favorite haunt for Law Dogs. Though whether that makes it safer or more reckless than the rest of the camp remains to be seen.

The Dog Run is located in the building labeled Wigwam on our campsite. This is one of our three climate controlled sleeping areas and has a shower room and bathroom. All bunks are first-come, first-served.


The Dusthouse

Another bunker-house set back from the center of town, this is a good place to knock the dust off your boots and do a bit of a wash-up at the adjacent shower house at the end of a long day’s delving.

The Dusthouse is located in the building labeled Wikiup on our campsite. Although it is attached to the end of the building that also houses The Depot | Logistics, this is an in-character space and is open for players to play and sleep in. This is one of our three climate controlled sleeping areas. All bunks are first-come, first-served. There is a large shower and bathroom nearby.