No-Contact Policy


Some people just do not get along. It could be a break up, a friendship falling out, or a difference in personality, but we want to create a space where both people can coexist. This is when Dystopia Rising: Texas will institute the No-Contact policy.

All people involved will have separate conversations with the Directors about no longer to interacting with the other person at events or in DR sanctioned spaces. This means no interaction as a character, as an npc, or as yourself. It does not mean you need to leave the scene if the other person shows up (unless otherwise specified). All rules will apply equally to both parties, so that everyone can get what they need - space.

Using other people to circumvent this rule will be considered a breach of this policy.

If either party breaks this agreement then it will be treated like harassment and will carry with it a corrective action.

If two people cannot share a space due to criminal reasons (harassment, assault, stalking, etc.) then we implore the participants to notify us so we can give you more options. The No-Contact policy is meant for participants who are not in fear of their safety or the safety of others.

This policy is only enforceable in Dystopia Rising events and spaces. We cannot regulate your personal interactions outside of our events and social media pages. If that is something you need then please strongly consider contacting your local authorities and speak to them about your options.

This policy was built in collaboration with our good friends from DR:AR and DR:OK.