Stetson - Amongst Pure Bloods, the Stetsons are known for their honesty, integrity, and fierce pride in their family lineage.  Stetsons are unapologetic capitalists who believe the best kind of deal is the one where everyone draws a profit. 

The Stetsons have a colorful history with Downtown Bravo.  One of their patriarchs, Riley Stetson, was murdered by abolitionists years ago.  And shortly afterwards squatters in Tent City threatened war against the Oil Baron family.  Fortunately calmer heads prevailed and property owner George Bush Stetson IV negotiated a deal that everyone found profitable.  

Washborne  - One of Bravo's Founding Families.  The Washborne's are primarily academics, doctors, and high-level engineers who focus on building legacies that will survive for generations.  The Washborne's are also unapologetic slavers and Texas Tea Tycoons who use Oil Field profits to fund their pet projects.  


Colmstock - The Colmstocks are one of Bravo's Founding Families.  A viper's nest of intrigue and politics, the Colmstocks could be credited with some of Bravo's most influential policies, wars, and historical moments if anybody could actually follow the trail.  The Hootch Wars, the Blue Lodge movement, the Civility War, the Border Patrol system, and the current political system can all be attributed to the Colmstock family.  


Walton:  The Waltons are prominent across the Lone Star - with a small branch of the family tree here in Bravo peddling oil derricks and construction equipment to other landowners.  The Waltons are known for their folksy charm and a laid back attitude that most Texicans find rather charming.  They're not simple though, and the recent acquisition of House Bush is evidence that the Waltons have high aspirations indeed.