Plot reveal

every story has an end

For six years we have told the story of Bravo. You have been a part of many of those stories, and many of them have reached their conclusion. 

But others remain.. unanswered. They are the story of our town, our setting, of recurring elements. Some are mysteries still waiting to be solved. Others are political maneuvers not yet realized. And some are existential threats, looming on the horizon. 

This season, we are going to resolve all of them. (Well, all but one.. but we'll get to that).

Dystopia Rising 3.0 is scheduled to be released October 2019. While the story of Bravo and its citizens (you) will go on.. we have a few months to reveal and resolve every lingering story element. And if you still have questions, when everything is said and done, we'll be happy to talk through it with you during Spoiler Sunday. 

What do you want to know?

Below is a customized Plot Request form. This is specifically for addressing lingering plot, unanswered questions, persistent mysteries, etc. If you ever wanted to know 'why' then this is your chance to ask.

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Name of the character that the plot focuses on
Please list the names of all PC players/characters that you are looking to involve in this story. Contact those people you want involved before hand. Try to involve as many players as you can in the story. If it involves only a few, we will work to involve more players to share the experience.
Please give as much information as possible in bullet points.
I understand that the staff will work hard to make this story come to life, but, depending on the timing, demand, and specifics of the story I acknowledge that my submitted story might not happen... and I am OK with that. *

Contact Us

Please fill out the following information and be informative and succinct. If there are backstories or plots you are referencing to, please give as much specific detail as possible.


Many of our persistent plots and stories involve characters that are nefarious, deadly, and frankly not to be trifled with lightly. Players can expect this content to be "No Quarter" and / or "Emotionally Charged."