Banned:  These Strains will not be approved for any reason.  

  • Salt Wise
  • Reclaimers
  • Genjian

Rare:  These Strains require background approval, 300 AP expenditure, and staff permission prior to entering play.  Restricted characters should exemplify the setting material and must abide high standards of roleplay and costuming.  There is a hard cap to the number of Rare strains allowed into the game.  

  • Red Star - Must be a part of the Spider House
  • Full Dead - Must originate from the Lone Star
  • Pure Blood - Must be tied to a local Oil Baron family.

As of 9/15/17 there are 4 openings for Restricted Strains. 

Uncommon:  These strains require an approved background and 150 AP expenditure prior to entering play.  These strains require extensive costuming and ties to the setting.  

  • Solestros - Must have ties to the (dying) Washborne family. 
  • Semper Mort - Must originate from the CryoTron Institute in Aggieland.  
  • Unborn.
  • Diesel Jock.

Requires Approval: These items require an approved background prior to entering play.

  • Characters under the age of 17