At the heart of the clan is the Music of the Road.  While many faiths have a home in the Clan, the greatest of them is the music of the King’s Court.  The Music of the Road is the rhythm that drives the caravan, the sounds of the Rides around them, and the songs of the Kings and Queens of old.  The Road Royals are a loud and boisterous people, always ready to listen to the music in the everyday things around them.

The Clan flies a unique symbol, a flag with a logo from the ancient motors of old, topped with the crown.  On either side is the black and white checkered flag, the primary symbol of the Clan.  While not every rider has earned the rights to the full symbols of the Clan, even the newest mounted DJ brandishes the checkered flag somewhere on them.  Whether as a crude headband, or worked into the design of their armor, the Rally Flag is worn proudly by every member of the Clan.

The Clan has developed several unique traditions, but at the heart of everything is the Cylinders.  Eight basic laws govern the Clan, and they look to their leaders to interpret the law, and enforce its rules.  The Cylinders inspire everything a Road Royal does, from interactions with the outside world, to settling disputes between clan members.

Additional information on the Road Royals is available to players interested in joining their ranks.