Below you'll find information about major groups and events that are important to the setting of Bravo, the fictional town that is the stage for all of our events.  

Items of note

Oil Barons:  The Oil Barons are a clique within the Landowner’s Association who have amassed significant wealth pulling oil out of the ground.  They hire Mad Scientists and Engineers to oversee the mechanical operations while unskilled slaves perform the dirty, dangerous work..  

Border Patrol:  An army of slaves that used to Bravo's first line of defense against the horde.  Slaves were sold or gifted to the Border Patrol from wealthy Oil Barons.  With the end of slavery in Bravo, the Border Patrol was disbanded.  Some fled from Bravo while others remained behind and have been incorporated into share cropping schemes.  

Border Rangers:  Replacing the slave army of the Border Patrol is a small group of elite Lone Star Rangers.  The Rangers freely patrol the Lone Star and Pridelands, bringing justice and law to lands that typically lack both.  A small group of about a dozen rangers now do the work formerly done by a small army - destroy the largest threats to the settlement before they ever arrive.  Certain laws see to it that Rangers enjoy respect and hospitality inside Bravo.  

UIH: The local operation of the Underground Railroad.  The UIH is basically an outlaw operation that liberates slaves from the Oil Fields with the goal of moving them to free territory.  Contacting the UIH is dangerous as members are actively hunted by both the law and the Oil Baron’s mercs.  This doesn’t stop the UIH from posting propaganda posters throughout Bravo and murdering slavers in the streets.  Rumor has it that the UIH is run by a small Iron Slave named Number Four, a creature so fierce she broke the bonds of her strain and became the first Psionist Iron Slave.  

Landowner’s Association:  The Landowner’s Assoc. represents the interests of the various landowners and farmers in Bravo and the surrounding farm country.  Most members are impoverished farmers with small plots working to keep Bravo free of taxes and the influence of Star City so they can afford to feed their families.  

Star City: The natural enemy of Bravo for several generations.  Star City is the largest settlement in the Lone Star and maybe the only one actually deserving the title “city.”  It is well defended by an army of Lawmen, Mercs, and a wall that fully encloses it from outside threats.  Internal threats are swiftly punished by the Judicial Court, which relies more on torture and intimidation than evidence and procedure.  The state government is heavily influenced by the Cult of Fallow Hope, using their doctrine of “wiping the scourge from the Earth” to justify all manner of atrocity.  Financing this war machine is highly complex system of taxes, which is probably what most Bravo citizens hate the most about Star City.  

Hiway Rob:  A Full Dead wanted across the Lone Star for horse-thieving, bank robbing, treason, cannibaling, infecting the living, and generally being the lowest of the low.  

Boot Hill:  A physical memorial for the dead, Boot Hill is littered with the boots of men and woman who died with them on.  Some have been known to leave notes or trinkets for loved ones.  Boot Hill is also rumored to be a Morgue, a place where the Gravemind comes close to the surface and regurgitates the recently deceased and the undead.  Rumor has it that every year the dead haunt Boot Hill looking for loved ones.  

The Great Stampede:  A massive stampede that destroyed Bravo's downtown two years ago.  The outskirts of Bravo survived, but only barely.  Downtown was slowly repopulated by outsiders, who came to be known as Downtowners by the Farmers and Oil Barons who are native to Bravo.  

The Burning Times:  A reference to Summer, when the oppressive Lone Star heat can kill.  Raiders hide in their primitive camps and the undead are either baked into a useless rotten mass or survive to become Cinders.  Some survivors flee during the Burning Times, migrating north toward cooler climates.   Others stay behind, rarely venturing outside for fear of deadly sun poisoning.