The Tribes Disparate

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 Three years ago, at the height of the Hiway War and Robb’s hubris, the Tribe of Antlers lost their homeland to a terrible siege. Reborn in the image of pain and fire, they traveled northwards alongside the Cervaxi people to find a new homeland in which to rebuild their empire. 

And rebuild they did. 

Bearer of the Antlered Crown, Holy Mother Queen Jasper became, in the months that followed the Hiway War, in earnest the conqueror she had always claimed to be. Her brother, Prince Shale, Stone Eye’d in kind proved himself a capable ambassador, and shrewd businessman. In a few short years the Antlers amassed for themselves a dynasty of thirteen houses colloquially known as the Tribes Disparate and forged for themselves an identity of power and capability. 

Of the thirteen houses these are those that are most commonly encountered in the Bravado Territories. 

House Antler 

The oldest tribe in the coalition and the most respected by far; House Antler boasts the largest and most capable military of the Tribes Disparate. The Antlers are chiefly concerned with two things: War and Faith. Lead by the Holy Mother Queen Jasper members of this House are warriors and priests who equate conquest and rite with morality. Some fanatics cite Jasper as their Godqueen, going so far as to kill not just under her banner - but in her name. 

House Sweetwater

Lead by a young and vivacious Regant, House Sweetwater is the main wheels beneath the carriage of the Tribes Disparate. They function as ferriers, tradesfolk and forward scouts for the inland flotilla that is the frotier-breaking population. Known best for their coming-of-age rituals in which anyone may participate but must upon seeking recognition as a member of this tribe, House Sweetwater hopefuls are ferried to a distant scrapyard somewhere west of Fort Worthless and left there. Each person must leave with their own ride and are prohibited from offering their passenger seat to any strain that fails this test. Because of this their numbers are small. But what few Sweetwaters pass this test are lauded as heroes. Some half of their population practices the Tribe of Seasons religion - with a heavy focus on the cycle between day and night, Ride and Rest - with veneration for the Great Wheel, forever may she turn.

House Rabbit

At the height of the Hiway War, a family of Rovers was saved by the selfless actions of Braves. Given a ride, fuel and the means to protect themselves - this tribe is no quicker to forget kindess than cruelty and the memory of a Rover is a long and steadfast thing. Made up of farmers, craftsmen and commonfolk - the leader of this tribe, Momma Rabbit, amassed a following in the wake of the War thanks to her clever mind, steadfast nature and commitment to decency. House Rabbit joined quickly with House Antler and has been instrumental in the economic growth of the Tribes Disperate, and the strong and steady voice of Ms. Rabbit reminds any faction that steps out of line of the debt they owe to the former inhabitants of Bravo. House Rabbit has no single unifying system of belife, but any member of this tribe will express, before all else, that the last and best thing we have is decency

House Torchlight

When the bomb ignited and the place-that-was-Bravo became a hellscape of molten rock, burned oxygen and gravemind slag - hundreds of Lascarian lives ended in an brutal instant. What remained were the burned-out-husks of people who, without clan or culture, began the slow process of decay long before their bodies gave out. These blind and beggered folk would surely be dead save for the intervention of The Lightbearer. They found him by following the signs: burning fields shaped into ancient cave drawings, burning lines in everclear directions. At first it was but a few gathered under his light, but like moths to the flame more and more found their way into the torchlight.  It is said that Queen Jaspar herself defeated the original Lightbearer in ritual combat for control of the cult and slew him. Another was quickly chosen from their ranks and the Torchlights joined the Tribes knowing with their founder gone they would never survive again in isolation.

House Ja Cintos

Radiation sickness follows nuclear detoniation like night follows day, and the wake of the War the Ja Cinto compound found itself in a unique position. Thanks to some clever planning on the part of their Colonel and an extraordinary amount of luck, what would become House Ja Cintos helped aid the Antlers and their sister tribe Cervaxi in the founding of their new homeland by curing, en masse, the radiation sickness that threatened to quarter the Antler’s population. The Ja Cintos are now closely aligned with the Antlers if not in terms of religion then at the very least galavanized by their shared hate of Hellfire

House Ox-Killers

By the standards of the Tribes Disparate, the Ox-Killers are a young clan. Formed in response to the rise of the Railroad Commission’s jet-engine locamotive this tribe shares a hatred for the industrialization of the wastes that borders on the fanatic. Held barely in check by the power and charisma of Holy Mother Queen Jasper and the combined military might of the other members of the Tribes Disparate - the Ox-Killers are unique in that they are both too useful to kill and too dangerous to let operate autonomously. 

House Long Berth 

Having lived on the Lonestar coast for generations, the fires that followed the bomb pushed this tribe onto their boats and into the shadowy waters of the Spoiled Coast. While the land burned, the Long Berths fished. When the fires died, they returned to a broken land and found it unsatisfying when compared to the virulant ocean upon whose bountry they had become fat and happy.  In returning the Long Bearths encountered House Antler and agreed to alliship with the understanding that the coast and its waters belonged to them. Known to occasionally attack merchant vessels as they come to the Lonestar to trade, the Long Berth are far from peaceful. While not large enough in population to become a real threat to shipping, they are known to the Junkerpunks and are occasionally hunted by them.

House Scadia

Lead, at least in name, by their errant lord Hogan Clark - House Scadia, in response to the events of the Hiway War and their haphazard flight from Old Bravo, has become a melting pot of travelers and displaced people from across the Lone Star. Though their army is smaller than some houses, the surviving Scadian warriors are elite enforcers and protectors. A holdover from the time before the Bomb, the Scadians take pains to host their Spring Tournament, now inclusive to all who wish to participate. A vector by which debts are settled, arguments quelled and rivalries saited, the Spring Tournament is held in Queen Jaspers name in tandem with the Summit each year. Sharing House Ja Cinto’s hatred of Hellfire and House Rabbit’s loyalty to the crown, the Holy Mother regularly uses Scadian guards and envoys when she needs to convey not simple strength of arm, but dangerous discipline. 

House Cervaxi 

The Cervaxi people, following the bomb, traveled from Old Bravo with House Antler to their new homeland. It was with the Cervaxi and their matriarch that the first contract was struck and the Tribes Disperate were formed in truth. Followers of the Four Mothers, this tribe is characterized by their penchant towards long, fine braids and their unwavering dedication to protecting and providing for those downtrod and desperate. At times this position can cause friction with other members of the Tribes Disparate - but their provost and the Holy Mother Queen Jasper share a personal friendship that afford the Cervaxi some leeway in this regard. 

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