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What did you do this weekend?


Dystopia Rising is a live-action game set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie infested world. For one full weekend you will join a settlement of survivors. You will eat, sleep, and fight in-character. You will have to gather resources to survive, fend off hordes of the undead, stop raiders from attacking you in the night, and protect what little you have from thieves and killers who will hurt you to help their own chances of survival. 


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survive the wasteland


LIve your own story

Create a character and meet others who are also trying to survive the wasteland. Forge new friendships and pursue a story of your choosing in the ultimate sandbox. We run an episodic campaign. Each event is new and built off the last one, so the connections you make, and the history you create, will be a part of the wasteland for years to come. 

What will you fight for?

Dystopia Rising is not a game centered on the undead. It is a game that is centered on humanity, and what we become when confronted with the demands of survival. Will you give up your own food for another soul? Will you answer their pleas for help in the middle of the dark and lonely night? Where do you draw the line and how adamantly will you stand by it?

Robust Economy

Trade, build, and craft inside a robust game system. Our in-game economy values characters geared toward combat, crafting, or support roles. 


Meet new friends and join a diverse community of hundreds of players from across Texas, and hundreds more from our networked games out-of-state.

Mock Combat

Our lightest-touch combat system is fun and exciting, and you don't have to be built like a superhero to fight like one. 

The weekend combined so many of the things I love—storytelling, community, costuming, acting, and camping, all in a dystopian setting that feels like the set of a horror/action movie or video game. I expected to feel very lonely in this kind of world and found myself surrounded by passionate, creative people finding the spark in humanity that keeps us all going. I could not recommend this experience more and I cannot wait to go back.

This is what other first-time participants
had to say about Dystopia Rising: Texas...

Utterly fantastic. DR was precisely everything and nothing like I expected going in.
— Cory M.
I had a wonderful time at DR! The immersion and level of intricacy is just so well done, it felt so real and tangible! I’ll definitely be coming back!
— Kallin Y.

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