No matter what we review below, the primary point that we want to drive home to you is that this entire network, not just our amazing local event, is a group of people who have decided to spend their weekend together having fun. We ask you to join our Facebook Page and Facebook Group to start interacting with those already participating. There are a lot of us and we'd like to get to know you to help make your time at Dystopia Rising an absolute blast.


  • A full weekend interactive event from Friday 9pm until Sunday 10am

  • A twin sized bed in an enclosed lodge or open-air cabin

  • Clean and accessible bathrooms and showers

  • Access to a standard kitchen with refrigeration, microwave, and a stove

  • A LARP safe weapon for you to borrow

  • A community focused on respect, consent, and positive energy.


  • A costume, which can be as simple as some old clothes you own.

  • A set of dark clothes that you dont mind getting dirty in for your 4-hour npc block

  • Bedding & Toiletries

  • Food for the weekend

  • Adherence to our Policies

  • An open, creative mind


At 6pm on the Friday of every game, we have two amazing individuals specifically dedicated to educating and helping New Player. They will be happy to make sure that you know where you're staying and understand everything you need to know to have a good time. At 8pm they will walk through a 15-30 minute refresher demonstration and answer any questions you may have before the game. Our game officially starts at 9pm with a New Player module which we hope will help reinforce the game's mechanics and welcome you to the world of Dystopia Rising.